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Why Choose Africa Helping Hands?

How We (And You) Can Make A Difference

Save Money 

It’s no secret that the cost of labor in the US is on the rise. Compounded by growingly restrictive American labor laws surrounding the use of independent contractors, countless businesses like yours are losing more money than they’re earning. By outsourcing to Africa through a vetted source like us, you can access high-quality labor for a wide range of tasks and responsibilities.

Image by Josh Appel
Image by Martin Adams

Save Hassle

Many companies purposefully avoid outsourcing labor because they have heard their fair share of “horror stories”. Africa Helping Hands is rewriting the rules of the outsourcing game by moving further down the Southern Hemisphere. Unlike other countries you may have outsourced from before – unsuccessfully – we chose Africa to tackle unemployment head-on and access an infinite pool of hard-working talent. We remove the hassle of outsourcing, removing language barriers, taking care of all payments, and handling all foreign law on your behalf.

Support Families

Our team provides high quality work while enjoying favorable working conditions and accessing opportunities that are unavailable in their local communities.

Image by Tyler Nix
Colleagues Working Together

American Team

While we outsource to Africa, Africa Helping Hands is a US registered business with offices locally and in West Africa. We proudly bridge the continental gap to expand your team with the hardest working African talent, from data entry to collection, web development, computer programming transcription, bookkeeping, and almost any other computer-related task you can think of.

When you work with Africa Helping Hands, we take full responsibility for the quality of every hire. It’s risk-free! If you’re not happy with our African outsourcing services, there is no obligation to continue. However, we doubt this will be the case. Once you experience the difference our hard-working African talent can make, your only regret will be that you didn’t hear of us yesterday!

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