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Authentic African Passion

Outsource to Africa for High Quality And Lower Costs

Strengthen Your Business, 
Make A Difference.


Studies show that labor accounts for as much as 70% of business expenditure. If you can no longer afford the limitations or cost of labor in the US, then bring Africa Helping Hands to your business instead! We break borders to find the highest-quality skills on African soil, supporting underprivileged yet talented hands while making the hassle of local labor a thing of the past.

Rising labor costs aside, American labor laws are getting more and more restrictive when it comes to the use of independent contractors – skyrocketing your expenses even further. Africa Helping Hands solves this by outsourcing your basic yet critical tasks to some of the hardest working people on the planet – West Africans.

Studies show that Africans are among the hardest workers in the world, with a strong work ethic and an intrinsic understanding of the value of trading time for money.


Our African Outsourcing Services

Let Africa Helping Hands Scale Your Empire

Data Entry
Outsource Data Entry
Outsource Data Entry Related Jobs
Outsource Transcription
Outsource Transcription Related Jobs
Data Collection
Outsource Data Collection
Outsource Data Collection Related Jobs
Web Development
Outsource Web development
Outsource Web Development Related Jobs
Computer Programming
Outsource Programming
Outsource Programming Related Jobs
Book keeping
Outsource Book Keeping
Outsource Book Keeping Related Jobs
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